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Tempus Stet was founded off the back of the belief that quality English antiques were becoming far and few.  Designers who once could easily source and purchase these accent items were beginning to struggle to get their hands on them. Not only was it a matter of budget, but even if one was lucky enough to come accross one quality item, the opportunity of a pair was somewhat rare; let alone the quantity required for large scale projects.  From this knowledge Tempus Stet set upon this need, specialising in the manufacture, restoration and reproduction of high end antiques and decorative interior items.  


Our work shop is based in the Norfolk Countryside within the picturesque village of Heydon.  During our 30+ years in bussiness we have been fortunate enough to work with a broad range of clientele; whether it be fulfilling orders at a  grand scale for high end hotels, or manufacturing one-off private commissions, we are equally committed in achieving our clients brief.    

To this day, Tempus Stet continues to evolve, in our 30 years it is not surprising that we again show changes. We have kept your most loved items and added many new pieces, keeping abreast of the ever shifting attitudes to design and style. Although a great deal of work is still cast from antique originals, we now have pieces of more varied provenance, which work well in both modern and traditional settings.

We pride ourselves on the quality, accuracy and attention to detail of each and every item; our skilled craftsmen are forever striving to create quality handmade and finished items which are aesthetically pleasing.


We also hope you continue to challenge us by asking us to create your own designs.  Much of Tempus Stet's work consists in making working drawings and manufacturing short runs for special contracts to your own brief.


For a more complete coverage of the Tempus Stet range go to Contact Us to order one of our free catalogues, or call us to further discuss.



Tempus Stet- The meaning behind the name:

From Latin, the most direct translation is 'Let time stay' or 'Time stands still'.  This very much epitomises our ethos that with time, determination, and with the use of new techniques/working methods you really can recreate the best of the past today.





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Tempus Stet Creative Productions Ltd
The Barns

Church Farm

NR11 6AD



Norfolk office/workshop


Telephone: 01263 585025
Mobile: 07795 180282
Email: tempusstetcreative@btconnect.com

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The Barns, Church Farm, Heydon, Norfolk, NR11 6AD | T: 01263 585025 | E: tempusstetcreative@btconnect.com