Decorative Lighting 

Tempus Stet provide a variety of luxury lighting, fittings and fixtures, from chandeliers and wall lights to pendant lights, up-lighters and torcheres.    

Bespoke Chandeliers

An ornate chandelier can make a luxurious centrepiece for both traditional and modern settings.

Decorative Wall lights

We have a varied range of wall lights of numerous styles, sizes and finishes, all of which can add to the ambience of your home.

Pendant lighting

Our pendant lights are elegant and versatile in style.  Their daintier approach in comparison to chandeliers, means that they are more suited to all rooms within the home. 

Up-lighters and Torcheres

Our wall bracket up-lighters are an ideal way to produce an ambient uplifting wash of light to the walls of your home while creating a simplistic design feature.

Another of our decorative lighting options is our number of exclusive torcheres.  These are impressive decorative furnishings that are well suited to grand settings, hence their increased popularity among the hotel and private sectors. 






Chippendale Girandole (matching pair H139 x S58 xP18 (52Ó x 23Ó x 7Ó)

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