Bespoke Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Transform your home with an elaborate bespoke chandelier and create a stunning centerpiece for any grand hall, boudoir or dining room.  Our ornately designed chandeliers vary from 6 to 16 arms, and are fitted with electrified candles to replicate the earlier styles in which they would have consisted of french candles.  Many of the chandeliers we produce are of neoclassical design with emphasis on clean lines, symmetrical proportions and in some cases mythology; such as our L42 Baroque Chandelier.  If you require some additional lighting, please note that we also offer a number of matching wall lights to further compliment your chosen chandelier.



Baroque Chandelier


Pendant Lighting


If you wish to make less of a statement and would prefer a more subtle approach, our pendant lights may be an ideal alternative.  Due to their dantier approach in comparison to a chandelier, pendant lights are suitable for all rooms within the home, these can be purchased and hung in multiplies to light an area.


 Bespoke Pendant Light Bespoke Shell Pendant

Bespoke Lighting manufactured from brass
Bespoke Tier Chandelier

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