Period Mirrors

We manufacture a number of ornate mirrors, as well as one off bespoke designs to our clients brief.  All mirrors are of a standard size, however we can generally adapt dimensions to suit your specific requirements.  Our mirrors derive from various period styles, of which a few are cast from antique originals.  As with all of our products, each mirror can be completed in a range of standard finishes, or colour matched to a sample of your own.  We can age down the appearance of a finish to varying degrees with antiquing and distressing of paint-work, or equally we can achieve a clean high sheen/buffed finish.  Mirror plates can also be provided in a number of finishes, thicknesses and bevelled edge details.  Samples can be provided on request.


Georgian Mirrors

We have many mirrors that cover this century; they range between the early 1700 to the mid 1800 in which the period was made up of three phases/variations in style to coincide with the reign of three generations of king Georges.  At the begininng of this Century works were quite elaborate, bold and heavy in detail.   As the century progressed the style became much lighter in regards to colour and the degree of decoration, until eventually the sub-period style of Regency took hold.  

Our mirrors embody these changes, the Georgian giltwood frame is highly decorative, whereas our Georgian swag mirror reflects the latter part of the century whereby the design is much more lighter with a simplistic decorative swag detail. 

Georgian GiltwoodGeorgian Swag


Regency Mirrors

The regency period relates to the life of The Prince Regent (1811-1820).  This was a period of classical furniture in which Roman and Greek influences in decoration were quite apparent.  Though we have mirrors that show some of this styling, the regency style is found to be more prominent within our classical furnishings with the use of lions heads and animal legs.        






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