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Here at Tempus Stet we manufacture a number of differing styles of table base, all of which can be completed in your prefered finish and to your specific height requirements.  Our various bases can be used in conjuction with numerous materials to top; whether it be a shaped glass top with its clean lines and contemporary feel.  A statement piece of marble, granite or limestone which each have their own individual characteristics and charm, or a more traditional wooden top.  Dependant on your choice, all tops can be finished to suit your preferences in regards to colour, thickness, shape, edge detail, polish, stain or paint finish.


Dining Table Bases

The dining room/kitchen tends to be referred to as the heart of the home.  It's the place where we as individuals come together to dine as a family, where celebratory meals and occassions are enjoyed by an abundance of friends and loved ones, so ensuring you have the ideal dining table to accomodate such occassions is paramount.  Our Corinthian and Seville table bases are a great way to bring a decorative element to your dining area.  The heavily carved detailing of the Seville bases depicts differing scenes on all four sides, they are eye catching, and have a great deal of depth.  With the addition of the polished brass frame work supporting a shaped glass top, this design creates for a more contemporary feel.  Please note, we can also manufacture a matching Seville console table with marble top.

Our Corinthian table bases embody the ancient Greek/Roman architecture of the Corinthian column capital, with its flutes, acanthas leaves, buds and volutes.  These bases are very traditional and in keeping with ancient architectual designs, and equally work well in period style homes as well as modern settings.  Please note, we also manufacture two styles of Corinthian coffee table base. 

We will happily advise on the necessary number of bases required to accomodate the size, and type top you desire.  

Coffee Table Base


Are you looking to wind down and settle into your front room for a while?  What's a  better way to than with a cuppa and newspaper.  Finish the style of your lounge with one of our unique coffee table designs.  Our Corinthian capital base and Corinthian coffee table base makes for a traditional piece, however with your choice of shaped glass you can have a mix of the contemporary, with a wooden top you can create that wholesome feel, or with a marble top a sense of grandeur.  

If you are going for a more quirky approach our Labyrinth coffee table with glass top may be an option.  As the name suggests, the square top consists of a passage maze, and is based on Greek mythology where by Daedalus the master craftman constructed the Labyrinth for King Minos, in which the Minotaur creature was imprisoned at its centre.  The labyrinth coffee table is a unique piece which will suit both modern and traditional settings; it even tells a story.

Not quite what you're looking for, don't worry we have numerous console designs that can be adapted in size and style to create something completely bespoke.


Pedestal Table Base


We have three variations of an ancient style dolphin design pedestal table.  They come in sigular, triple or spiral form where by the table top is supported on the dolphin tail/tails and the head/heads of the dolphin is secured to a sturdy base.  They are decorative, oplulant pieces yet still serve a purpose.  Those featured consist of marble tops, but work as effectively with a round glass top.  


*Something to bear in mind: we also have a number of columns and classic pedestals such as fluted/smooth doric coloumns, as well as square based pedestals that may be a suitable alternative to the dining/coffee table bases mentioned above.             

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