Torchiere and Up-lighters

Our range of exclusive torchieres vary from floor standing to wall mounted, and are a predominatly popular choice among the private/hotel sectors as they exube a sense of grandeur and opulence. The torchiere originated many thousands of years ago, and was recognised for its upward facing bowl in which oil was contained and lit.  Our floor standing torchieres mimic this original style, with a heavy sturdy base with a single central column and an upward facing metal spinning, or glass shade in which the light fitting sits.  This type of lighting focuses the light beam upwards towards the ceiling whereby it is then reflected back into the room.  We will happily wire them up to your personal preference, taking into account country specific requirements, additional lighting features and in-line switches.


Torchiere Lamps


Overtime we have seen how the torchiere has become a popular choice of lighting among the private and hotel sectors; in particular our Gustavian torchiere in which we manufactured 12no. for the recent refit of The Lanesborough Hotel on Londons Hyde Park Corner.


As well as the above, we make a few types of wall mounted up-lighters which are decorative yet effective at creating a subtle ambient wash of light to the walls of a dim alcove or corridor.  With the simple addition of a coloured dimmable bulb an uplighter will automatically transform a room, making it more inviting, comforting and atmospheric.    



Wall Bracketed Torchiere 

Gustavian Torchiere as featured in The Lanesborough Hotel London

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